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Edenvale Care Centre HOSPICE offers palliative care for patients diagnosed with terminal illnesses
in Edenvale and surrounding areas.


More About Us

Edenvale Care Centre Hospice is a section 21 and non-profit organisation (Registration no: 021-198-NPO) committed to serving our community by providing physical, psychological and social care that arises primarily from cancer, as well as other listed diseases for which we offer treatment.

This is achieved by providing physical care for those patients in the terminal stages of these diseases, as well as counselling support services for their families and friends.

Located on the corner of 6th Avenue and 4th Street Edenvale – in humble beginnings, the Edenvale Care Centre Hospice was a modest home and has been renovated to a hospice facility.

We provide palliative care to patients, some of whom have recovered sufficiently to be able to return to their homes and places of employment.

Edenvale Hospice Ward

The care we offer includes:

  • 24/7 inpatient care for patients in the terminal stages of disease
  • relief care for up to 21 days for families providing home-based care
  • counselling of patients and their families
  • outpatient counselling in trauma and grief
  • support for ex-patients and people who have been terminally diagnosed
  • practical training of student nurses

These services are provided to the surrounding community and a network of provincial hospitals, home-based care, doctors and clinics.

We cannot do this without YOUR help!

Edenvale Care Centre Hospice

The Edenvale Care Centre Hospice opened in March 2002 in an old house in Edenvale. The three-car garage was converted into a ward and the bathrooms and a laundry were added. The remaining rooms were converted into office space as well as a lounge/meeting room…. It’s been 14 years and we’re proud of what we’ve built.

Thank you to the Edenvale Community.